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Project Showcase

Whether through a short spot or a documentary, our productions are designed to present the magnetism, strengths and competitive advantages of selected countries to an elite global audience. Using state-of-the-art equipment and filming exclusively in high-definition technology (HD), we capture breathtaking footage and offer our viewers a visual feast.

We invite you to view some of our productions featured below…


  • Qatar- Part II
    Qatar- Part II
    A Tradition of Progress - PART II

    The second installment of our series on Qatar explores how international brands and world-class hospitality are making this Gulf nation a global fav ...

  • Bahamas-Tourism
    It's Better in The Bahamas

    Watch this captivating programme to discover the wonderful and diverse islands that form one of the world’s most enchanting archipelagos and explore the wi ...

  • Bahrain- Business Friendly
    Bahrain- Business Friendly
    Business Friendly

    For the gulf Kingdom of Bahrain "Business Friendly" is more than a slogan. Bahrain is an island nation rich in history and culture that have fostered a welcoming an ...

  • Costa Rica – Business
    Costa Rica – Business
    Open for business, sustainable for life

    The nation's innovative spirit extends to all aspects of life in Costa Rica creating a fertile environment for business and investment and mak ...

  • Costa Rica – Tourism
    Costa Rica – Tourism
    Pura Vida

    Discover breath-taking rainforests, active volcanoes and unique indigenous flora and fauna. Enjoy spectacular beaches, beautiful rivers and a warm and welcoming people... w ...

  • Zimbabwe
    A world of Wonders

    Go on a spectacular journey through Zimbabwe, from the mighty Victoria Falls, through the savannah to national parks and the capital city, Harare. Take in impressi ...

  • Bahamas- Business
    Bahamas- Business
    Why it's Better in The Bahamas

    Renowned the world over for its sun, sand and sea the Bahamas has been re-inventing its traditional role by advancing its use of technologies and prope ...

  • Mozambique
    Is Happening

    Get ready for an unforgettable journey to a warm culture, a favourable climate and breath-taking natural beauty. Join us as we discover what this up-and-coming destinati ...

  • Cyprus
    Welcomes the World

    Whatever the season, Cyprus provides ample opportunity to experience something new, interesting and exciting. However Cyprus is much more than a sea and summer des ...

  • Kuwait – Discover the Opportunity
    Kuwait – Discover the Opportunity
    Discover the Opportunity

    Kuwait - Discover the Opportunity is a programme about the changing economic and investment climate of Kuwait, as well as showcasing the lifestyle and vibran ...

  • Egypt 2016
    Egypt 2016
    New Egypt, Old Friends

    This programme takes you on a journey to a newly inspired Egypt, where energy, diversity, passion and excitement are transforming the country into an opportuni ...

  • Kuwait at the Frontline
    Kuwait at the Frontline

    We live in an age where unfortunately the number of humanitarian crises is escalating. Poverty, climate change, population growth, biodiversity and species loss, disease, and conflicts with increasing ...

  • Trinidad & Tobago
    Trinidad & Tobago
    On The Rise

    This programme takes you on a journey to explore impressive crystalline waters and pristine sandy beaches. See beyond the breath taking views and find fantastic business ...

  • Kuwait – Part II
    Kuwait – Part II
    Through Our Eyes (PART 2)

    Our second episode of Kuwait Through Our Eyes covers topics such as Economic Diversification, Technology, Sabah Al-Ahmed Sea City, Youth and Female Empowerm ...

  • Kuwait, Small Country Big Heart
    Kuwait, Small Country Big Heart
    Kuwait Small Country Big Heart

    A tourism based video taking a look at one of the smallest yet most welcoming and friendly countries in the world. As Ban Ki Moon said on the 9th of Se ...

  • Qatar
    A Tradition of Progress

    A trade and tourist hub at the heart of the world, buzzing with energy and history, host to glittering international sporting events and home to award winning ...

  • Lagos
    Africa's Model Mega-City

    Discover the new face of Lagos: Nigeria's business capital, the most vibrant African city and an attraction for both investors and travellers.

  • Cabo Verde
    Cabo Verde
    One Country, Ten Destinations

    This programme will take you on an extraordinary journey to this ten-island paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Portugal
    Expect the Unexpected

    This programme shows how Portugal marries old-fashioned charm with the subtle nuance of contemporary sophistication, Portugal is both classic and distinctly mod ...

  • Åland
    Islands to Love

    This programme will take you to the heart of the Baltic Sea, where through the millennia, nature has forged a beautiful, sweeping archipelago

  • Antigua & Barbuda
    Antigua & Barbuda
    The Beach is Just the Beginning

    This programme will take you on an extraordinary journey to a secret paradise in the heart of the Caribbean, surrounded by 365 white sandy beaches and ...

  • Cabo Verde Commercial
    Cabo Verde Commercial

    This tailor-made 30 second spot for Cape Verde was created by QCPTV and shown on CNN for viewers across the Europe, Middle East and Africa to take you on an extraordinary journey to this ten-island pa ...

  • Kuwait
    Through Our Eyes

    This programme is part of an ongoing TV series that aims to uncover the real beauty of this unique country, steeped in history, driven by innovation and made strong ...

  • Panama
    The Way

    This programme uncovers the real Panama, bringing both tourism and business opportunities to life. Explore new cultures and find exciting new discoveries and watch how modern ...

  • Rivers State
    Rivers State
    Rivers of Possibilities

    This programme will take you on a journey to Rivers State, Nigeria. Its capital, Port Harcourt, is the nerve centre of the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry. Throug ...

  • Made in Spain
    Made in Spain
    World Class Cities and Innovation

    This programme takes a unique look at what one of the world's leading destinations has to offer, with a special focus on Madrid, Malaga, Marbella and ...

  • Lagos
    Africa's Own Big Apple

    This programme will take you on an incredible journey to Lagos, Nigeria. A city full of passions, tourism wonders, and business opportunities. Often misundersto ...

  • Gibraltar
    Much more than you can imagine

    This programme on Gibraltar takes you on an incredible journey to Europe's most exceptional tourism and business destination. From the top of the Rock, ...

  • Fascinating Nigeria
    Fascinating Nigeria
    A Unique Experience

    This programme shows you the undiscovered side of Nigeria from the wonderful city of Lagos, through the beauty of Cross River State and the Alfi Mountain Reserve ...

  • Cross River (Nigeria)
    Cross River (Nigeria)
    Africa Undiscovered

    This programme uncovers the beauty of the State of Cross River in Nigeria where Africa's biggest street party, the Calabar Carnival, takes place every December in ...

  • Barcelona
    Is Much More...

    This programme on the Province of Barcelona takes you on a journey from the city itself into the Pyrenees and to the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean. Step into th ...

  • Seychelles
    Another World...

    This programme on the Seychelles Tourism Board reveals an archipelago which remains to this day a hidden treasure, and the land of perpetual summer where you can fi ...

  • Mauritius
    Bridging Continents

    The programme on Mauritius shows off some of the world's best kept secrets. Nature, cuisine, world class accommodation: Mauritius has it all. The country is so w ...

  • Egypt
    The Cradle of Civilisation

    This programme takes you on an incredible journey through a land of legends, mystery, and culture in the country known as the mother of the world... watch t ...

  • Eastern Cape Province
    Eastern Cape Province
    Wild Beauty and Adventure

    This programme reveals the excitement and adventure on offer in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province and the breathtaking scenery and high-octane activitie ...

  • Mpumalanga, South Africa
    Mpumalanga, South Africa
    Your World Class Destination

    This programme will take you on a journey of culture and heritage in South Africa's famous Mpumalanga province. Mpumalanga offers stunning scenery such as ...

  • Cabo Verde
    Cabo Verde
    Feel the Magic Around You

    This programme on Cape Verde reveals an archipelago bursting with life and a place that brings you closer to nature. Showing off amazing landscapes and vibra ...

  • Portugal
    Euro 2004

    This programme welcomed visitors to Portugal prior to the European football championships in 2004. The tournament is long over, but the culture, history and vibrant joie de ...

  • Trinidad & Tobago
    Trinidad & Tobago
    Far Beyond Your Dreams

    This two minute spot welcomes you to the paradise of Trinidad and Tobago, revealing the business oriented island of Trinidad and the tourism p ...