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British Airways is one of the world’s leading airlines and a recognised brand of quality and reliability. British Airways flies over 1.3 million passengers a month to long haul destinations in modern aircrafts fitted with the latest audio visual systems (AVOD) and our programmes on British Airways TV are a proven effective way to reach a truly worldwide audience.

Our programmes are broadcast for an entire month reaching every passenger on the plane. In-flight television is an integral and popular part of the flying experience for British Airways’ passengers and programmes are watched enthusiastically and taken seriously by the captivated audience.

With 99% of passengers using AVOD during flights British Airways passengers are an influential audience with 90% of them being in the top 20% of the global index of affluence.

Voted one of the most important magazines of the 20th century, the latest reincarnation of High Life for the 21st century reflects a very British sense of irreverence, wit and attitude. It speaks to a new generation of travellers – Generation Curious: savvy, experienced globetrotters who want to know destinations from the inside out.

Distributed in every BA seat pocket and in BA’s exclusive lounges, it’s packed with intriguing features and beautiful photography designed to shift perceptions and challenge pre-conceptions. Our programmes on British Airways TV are announced and promoted in British Airways monthly High Life Magazine with more than 2.6 million readers.