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Corporate Videos

QCPTV’s Corporate Video Production department is a personally customised niche product we can offer to companies, cities and regions who wish to have a programme dedicated to them. These corporate videos can be short spots or two minute programmes which then can be used for internal communications, roadshows, marketing purposes and gifts. Some of our recent corporate videos can be seen below and include global companies such as Repsol and Talgo, The City of Madrid, Meridien Hotel and Afrasia Bank to name a few.


  • AHMADIAH – Building the Future
    AHMADIAH – Building the Future
    Business Friendly
    For the gulf Kingdom of Bahrain "Business Friendly" is more than a slogan. Bahrain is an island nation rich in history and culture that have fostered a welcomi ...
  • Bahrain- Business Friendly
    Bahrain- Business Friendly
    Business Friendly
    For the gulf Kingdom of Bahrain "Business Friendly" is more than a slogan. Bahrain is an island nation rich in history and culture that have fostered a welcomi ...
  • Al Jaber Engineering
    Al Jaber Engineering
    A Leading Qatari Contractor
    Take a close look at Al Jaber Engineering, one of Qatar's leading general contractors and see how the company has successfully completed numerous lar ...
  • Cyprus Tourism Organisation
    Cyprus Tourism Organisation
    Unique Experiences
    Discover an island rich in history and culture and full of wonderful experiences just waiting to be enjoyed. Whatever the season, Cyprus provides ample opport ...
  • CIPA
    Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency
    Invest Cyprus takes the lead in attracting and facilitating Foreign Direct Investment in key economic sectors, working with the investor, for ...
  • FxPro
    Trade Like a Pro
    FxPro was founded in 2006. Since then, it has grown exponentially and currently serves retail and institutional clients in more than 150 countries from its offi ...
  • Universal American School Kuwait
    Universal American School Kuwait
    Universal American School Kuwait
    The Universal American School Kuwait is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and this programme explores the values and determination that has kept ...
  • WARBA Insurance
    WARBA Insurance
    Better when we work together
    Ahead of the curve and innovative, Warba Insurance wants you to feel secure. With 40 years of experience, Warba Insurance continues to provide the h ...
  • KLC
    Kuwait London General Trading & Contracting Co.
    Established in 2008, KLC brings you the best in the food industry with dining establishments strategically located throughout the ...
  • Kuwait Steel
    Kuwait Steel
    One of the best in the business
    Strength, reliability and consistency are the qualities sought after in construction materials and steel is one of the most widely used construct ...
  • Gulf Insurance Group
    Gulf Insurance Group
    Gulf Insurance Group (GIG) intends to implement many ambitious and futuristic projects in order to meet the ever-changing customer needs and exceed their expectations. Its dynamic leadership cont ...
    For ACICO there is no greater story to focus on than the beginnings, when Mr. Ghassan Ahmad Saud Al-Khaled travelled to Germany to receive a license from the world renowned Hebel company, shortly ...
  • Kuwait – The Future #FoodCapital
    Kuwait – The Future #FoodCapital
    The exciting soul of Kuwait's food scene. Local favourites and international dishes come together in a unique fusion that can satisfy any palate. But this food scene is still waiting to be discov ...
  • Qatar is on the Move
    Qatar is on the Move
    The programme shows you just how Qatar is "On the Move". This trade and tourist hub at the heart of the world has invested billions of Dollars in the expansion of its transport network. From road ...
  • Kuwait Airways
    Kuwait Airways
    Business Centre
    The Business Center of Kuwait Airways is an integrated business unit: provider of reliable and high-quality maintenance services for Kuwait Airways fleet at Outs ...
  • PACE Kuwait
    PACE Kuwait
    Pace is an architecture, engineering, design and planning practice founded in 1968 and is one of the most trusted names in the region, employing over 300 professionals in a variety of supporting ...
  • Intercontinental Hotel – Doha
    Intercontinental Hotel – Doha
    This programme takes you inside the Intercontinental Hotel in Doha so you can experience its unique and unforgettable luxury. Set within stunning landscaped gardens on the edge of the Arabian sea ...
  • Dasman Diabetes Institute
    Dasman Diabetes Institute
    A New Quality of Life
    The Dasman Diabetes Institute was established by the wishes of His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah the Late Amir of the State of Kuwait, in ...
  • Panama Pacifico
    Panama Pacifico
    A New Quality of Life
    This programme takes you inside an inspirational city designed to offer residents the very best international standards, while preserving the beauty of the ...
  • TOCUMEN International Airport
    TOCUMEN International Airport
    This programme on Tocumen Airport showcases it as a primary gateway to Panama and the Americas. Operating 350 daily flights to more than 70 destinations... watch to find ...
  • Al-Hani
    Construction & Trading
    Al-Hani is one of the leading providers of total engineering solutions, which delivers world class quality projects throughout the MENA region and comprise ...
    Medical Company
    This programme on Yiaco Medical Company shows why it has become a leading healthcare provider in Kuwait, serving the country since 1953... watch to find out more
  • Le Meridien
    Le Meridien
    Ile Maurice
    This programme on Le Meridien hotel in Mauritius throws open doors to paradise by showcasing the hotel's fabulous location, its luxurious accommodation and its alluri ...
  • GIB Telecom
    GIB Telecom
    A Leading Telecommunications Company
    This programme on Gibtelecom explains why the company has become so successful, including comments for the CEO, and shows how it is well prep ...
  • Madrid
    Mad About You
    This short programme reveals the beauty and splendour of Spain's fascinating capital city with an emphasis on the city's gastronomic and cultural delights... watch ...
  • Talgo
    Innovation and Speed
    This programme discovers the innovation behind one of the world's leading high speed train manufacturers and explores their international expansion... watch ...
  • Repsol
    Our Best Resource is Imagination
    The programme looks at why Repsol is one of the world's leading energy companies and how it applies imagination and innovation for cleaner energy ...
  • CIT – Catalonia Innovation Triangle
    CIT – Catalonia Innovation Triangle
    The hub of the Mediterranean
    This programme shows how the region of Catalonia is leading the way in innovation and technology and explores why CIT has become one of the most prom ...
  • The Airports Authority of Trinidad & Tobago
    The Airports Authority of Trinidad & Tobago
    Piarco and Crown Points Airports
    This 30 second spot on Piarco and Crown Points airports, the former on Trinidad and the latter on Tobag ...
  • Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority
    Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority
    Helping Connect the World with Seychelles
    This programme on the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority demonstrates the efforts the SCAA have gone to, to ensure flight safety and ...
  • Seychelles Trading Company
    Seychelles Trading Company
    Valuing Your Trust
    This programme on the Seychelles Trading Company (STC) reveals the fundamental role of STC in the growth of the Seychelles' economy. Entrusted with importing ...
  • Apollo Bramwell Hospital
    Apollo Bramwell Hospital
    Your Own Private Paradise
    This programme on Apollo Bramwell Hospital reveals the international teaching and healthcare standards on offer at this state-of-the-art facility, loc ...
  • Afrasia Bank
    Afrasia Bank
    Bank Differently
    This programme throws open the doors to Afrasia Bank. Headquartered in Mauritius, this private boutique bank provides first-rate banking facilities to high net ...