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QCPTV’s Commercials Production department is a specifically customised niche product we can design for companies, cities, regions and countries, which wish to have a commercial to promote themselves, their products and their destinations. Some of our recent customer-led and personally designed commercials can be seen below.


  • 360 Mall Kuwait
    360 Mall Kuwait
    360 Mall Kuwait (Fun Like No Other)
    360 MALL's entertainment offer provides a unique setting that is marked by vitality and excitement. The mall's Family Entertainment Center is ...
  • Kuwait Steel
    Kuwait Steel
    One of the best in the business
    Strength, reliability and consistency are the qualities sought after in construction materials and steel is one of the most widely used construct ...
  • Kuwait International Bank
    Kuwait International Bank
    Kuwait International Bank [KIB], a bank that operates according to the Islamic Shari'ah from 1st of July 2007, is a public quoted company. It was incorporated in 1973 and was originally known as ...
  • Kuwait at the Frontline
    Kuwait at the Frontline
    We live in an age where unfortunately the number of humanitarian crises is escalating. Poverty, climate change, population growth, biodiversity and species loss, disease, and conflicts with incre ...
  • Kuwait Airways
    Kuwait Airways
    This spot presents the new face of Kuwait Airways as the company takes delivery of its new fleet and embarks on a new era of flying.
  • Cabo Verde Commercial
    Cabo Verde Commercial
    This tailor-made 30 second spot for Cape Verde was created by QCPTV and shown on CNN for viewers across the Europe, Middle East and Africa to take you on an extraordinary journey to this ten-isla ...
  • Cabo Verde
    Cabo Verde
    Feel the Magic Around You
    This programme on Cape Verde reveals an archipelago bursting with life and a place that brings you closer to nature. Showing off amazing landscapes and ...